Late Summer Newsletter

August 20, 2019

I hope this latest edition of my seasonal newsletter finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying your harvest.  Late Summer is the Earth Element.  The season to receive our harvest, feel fed and nourished on all levels.  Mother Earth holds us in her golden light.  


The power of late summer is decrease and also abundance.  Late Summer is the fifth season...that time of year when you feel summer is coming to an end but the days are still warm (some even hot) and you know it is not yet fall.  It is the time of the harvest.  The fruit is ripe and ready to be eaten.  There is a golden hue and a feeling of suspension, as if we are being held in time.  The peak growth season has ended and the energy is starting to decrease and will continue to as we enter fall and then winter.   It's the time of year to think about our harvest.  Do we have what we need so we can slow down and feel taken care of during the cooler months to come? What about our spiritual harvest?  What areas of our life are bearing fruit?  Are we able to reflect on our journey to this point and feel nourished or are we unfulfilled in some way?


In Chinese Medicine, Late Summer relates to the Earth Element and sympathy is the emotion.  The Earth Element is the energy of mother earth which allows us to feel held, secure, nurtured and fed.  This is the time of year to connect to Mother Earth and all the ways she provides for us.  When in balance with the energy of the season we feel taken care of like a child in the arms of her mother.  We feel we have all we need so we are able to feel sympathy and compassion for those who need nurturing.        
Mother Earth provides a solid foundation allowing us to feel grounded and secure.

The Earth Element corresponds to the Stomach and Spleen. The Stomach is where we take in nourishment (body, mind and spirit) and the Spleen distributes it throughout our body.  

When the Earth energy is balanced within us, we are able to take in and digest both food and information.  We feel fed, grounded, secure and nourished.  

When the Earth energy within us is out of balance, we may feel ungrounded, off-balance and anxious.  We may be unable to take in information and ideas and unable to properly digest our food.  We may feel as if we are always hungry and that nothing fills us up or satisfies our hunger.  

Five-Element treatment in the Late Summer will help balance our Earth energy so we can feel grounded, safe and secure and take in nourishment.  When we take time to slow down and receive our own harvest, we can share it with others.  By helping to nourish those around us, we are helping to take care of our mother earth...she who keeps sharing her abundance. 


Tips for the Season:

Enjoy an abundance of fruits and vegetables.
Allow yourself to slow down, just sit and "be"...take in the beauty around you, enjoy a juicy peach.
Think about ways you can continue to nourish yourself and others.
Taking in nourishment between 7-9AM is the best because the Stomach has heightened energy at that time.  Yes.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Think about the harvest of your life and which parts are bearing fruit.
Which areas of your life can be simplified?  What will you be ready to let go of in the fall?  

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