October 29, 2019

Autumn is the season of letting go. Following the growing season of summer and the harvest of late summer, the energy starts to pull back and move inward. This time of year the leaves start to change color as they prepare to die and fall to provide nourishment to the earth.  The trees let go of their leaves each in their own way and own time.

 As part of nature, we too need to let go.  Letting go is part of the life cycle and is necessary.  We need to continue to make room for fresh inspiration and new life.  If we hold on and get stuck physically, mentally or spiritually,  our health and well-being may be compromised. 

In Chinese Medicine, Autumn is the season of the Metal Element and grief is the emotion. In nature, the tree must drop its leaves and let go of what is not needed.  By drawing its energy inward, the tree is able to rest and gain strength in the winter so it can start the growing cycle again in the spring...

August 20, 2019

I hope this latest edition of my seasonal newsletter finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying your harvest.  Late Summer is the Earth Element.  The season to receive our harvest, feel fed and nourished on all levels.  Mother Earth holds us in her golden light.  

The power of late summer is decrease and also abundance.  Late Summer is the fifth season...that time of year when you feel summer is coming to an end but the days are still warm (some even hot) and you know it is not yet fall.  It is the time of the harvest.  The fruit is ripe and ready to be eaten.  There is a golden hue and a feeling of suspension, as if we are being held in time.  The peak growth season has ended and the energy is starting to decrease and will continue to as we enter fall and then winter.   It's the time of year to think about our harvest.  Do we have what we need so we can slow down and feel taken care of during the cooler months to come? What about our spiritual harvest?  What areas of ou...

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